The SINFONIA Alliance arise with the purpose to enhanced the ecosystem of the artificial intelligence in Colombia through (by) innovations that generate positives impacts on society. This Alliance is formed by Bancolombia, the University of the Andes, the University of Magdalena and the University of Santo Tomás.

Begins throught the AI Challenge, which has the objective to pose a interesting and challenging challenge, with which the motivation of students at the undergraduate and graduate levels is awakened; demonstrating creativity, recursion and problem solving skills using artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence it has appeared in the last decades, as a way to develop programs capable of solving complex problems without the need to explicitly teach them how. A great advantage that this offers is the possibility of implementing solutions in real and important areas as diverse like medicine and business. Other initiatives of high global recognition have used the results of their research in the field of videogames to create intelligent agents able to learn to generate strategies and win in a variety of games ranging from titles of Atari to the legendary Asian game : Go - one of the most complex games ever designed.

It should be emphasize that the SINFONIA alliance has not participated directly in the RoboCup competitions, but some of the members of the alliance have participated in the Small Size SSL in previous years. Below is the calendar and results of your participation in this event:

Participations in RoboCup

year video position TDP´S
2011 Lucky Loser
2012 Round Robin
2013 Quarter Final
2014 Quarter Final
2015 4th Place
2016 Lucky Loser
2017 Round of 16
2019 Fourth place

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