AI Challenge

From the 14th to the 24th of September, the SINFONiA alliance put in motion the AI Challenge, an event where students from diverse programs and backgrounds were requested to solve a challenging problem using artificial intelligence.

The AI ​​Challenge is part of the proposal led by the SINFONIA Alliance formed by Bancolombia, the Magdalena University, the Santo Tomás University and the Andes University. whose main purpose is to potentiate the artificial intelligence ecosystem in Colombia through innovations that generate positive impacts on society. Specifically, the AI ​​Challenge aims to propose an interesting and challenging challenge that motivates students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to demonstrate creativity, recursion and problem solving skills using artificial intelligence.

For the finals, 17 different teams attended the event to present their solutions from all the participant universities showing creative and innovative solutions. Some of them that worth mentioning rely on the use of machine vision for the construction of remote controllers, also the use of graph theory for the selection of optimal paths and weigts-based algorithms.

The challenge participants were required to develop hardware ans software solutions for a Pac-Man simulator, specifically designed for the AI Challenge, for three different tasks, namely:

  • Design and implementation of a custom-made controller device to play the Pac-Man game
  • Design and development of an autonomous agent to control the Pac-Man
  • Design and implementation of a human-agent strategy to control two Pac-Man; one autonomous and one by the human

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